ASU Members

# University Name  1 Alhilal University  2 Alkownayn University  3 Al-Quran University  4 Atlas University  5 Bay University  6 Beledwayn University  7 Benadir University  8 Capital University  9 Central University  10 City University  11 Daha University  12 Darulhikma University  13 Darulhikma University  14 Frontier University  15 Galka’yo University  16 Hiraan University  17 Hormuud University  18 […]

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Profile of ASU

History and Background The idea of foundation of ASU, which must contribute, to formation of joint educational breathing space, standardizing education, assistance in academic mobility and expansion of cultural relations between higher educational institutions in Somalia came into the minds of 12 Somali universities. After almost 8 months of dialogue and discussions, in 26 august, 2015, 39 Somali universities […]

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ASU Election

After long process to establish an association that hosts almost all Somali universities as members has started more than 7 months ago, now, the association is officially named as Somali Universities Association and it has 39 universities as members. Also, the association is in its final stages of formation as the universities finally elected the […]

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